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Rapport 16 dec.

Digitalised Business Models for Circular Material Flows

Swedish technology companies are ready with long-lasting and high-quality products and are well prepared for a circular economy. Companies are already testing new ways to increase profitability as products are used for longer periods. The disposable society will be increasingly challenged.

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Teknikföretagen’s latest report on the circular economy, published during Sweden’s Almedalen political week in 2018, stated that for industry a circular economy means achieving greater resource efficiency and extending the economic relationship with customers.

Technological development is a key driving force and enabler of this process. With this as a starting point, and together with a large number of member companies, we have developed and defined what it is that drives progress.

This report presents 15 policy proposals that support the unavoidable shift towards a more climate-neutral future and that seek to accelerate and enable this change. We provide examples of new business models that will result in behavioural change and business relationships in industry and for private individuals.

This report is intended to be a source of inspiration for policymakers in Sweden and the EU. Fortunately, companies and politicians agree on what needs to be achieved. We now need to agree on how to best move forward.

Publicerades 16 december 2020