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Swedish Labour Relations

The course covers the major aspects of Swedish labour law legislation and the collective bargaining system. The course also introduces the collective bargaining agreements that applies for Teknikföretagen´s member companies. The course aims to provide the attendants a basic level of knowledge in Swedish labour legislation to be able to prevent and, to some extent, handle issues regarding Swedish labour law and labour relations at the workplace.

Course content
During the course you will be introduced to the most important statutes governing the Swedish labour market such as the Employment Protection Act, the Employment (Co-determination in the Workplace) Act and the Trade Union Representatives Act. Other aspects covered include setting up and terminating employment contracts, working hours, time off, pay, dispute resolution, trade union representatives and co-determination at work.

Target group
The course is aimed at supervisors, managers and other staff representing the employer, such as HR-managers and HR-specialists.

One day. The course can also be provided for member companies individually with applicable adaptions.

The course leaders’ presentation will be provided along with applicable Collective Bargaining agreements. All documentation will be provided in a digital form.

20 platser kvar
5 dec. 09:00 - 17:00
Medlemspris exkl. moms:
2 600 kr
Ej medlem: 4 100 kr