How cities can become more sustainable through cross-border cooperation

Publicerad 7 maj 2018 Senast uppdaterad 16 maj 2018

To reach global climate agreements and overcome the challenges of increased urbanisation, smart solutions need to be deployed more quickly. And how can the development and deployment of technology support this transition? This is the theme of ‘Achieving Smart Investments for Smart Solutions’, a seminar due to be held by Teknikföretagen during Nordic Clean Energy Week.

Between 21 and 25 May, Nordic Clean Energy Week will be held in Malmö and Copenhagen. Organised by the Nordic Council and the EU, the event will allow people from academia, business and politics to discuss future energy solutions during a whole range of seminars and activities. High-level political meetings will also be held as part of the Clean Energy Ministerial, a global forum with representatives from around 30 countries debating issues such as improved global energy efficiency and greater access to clean energy.

Teknikföretagen’s seminar ‘Achieving Smart Investments for Smart Solutions’ is among the events scheduled for 23 May. The seminar will address ways in which better global cooperation can be achieved between cities and companies to increase sustainability impacts.

“We want to contribute by sharing our ideas and providing inspiration that might help with the development of policies, regulations, investments and cooperation models, and – in particular – attitudes, to enable better use of clean solutions,” says Pär Hermerén, Director of Energy and Transport Policy at Teknikföretagen.

The seminar will be an opportunity for city representatives and people from industry to meet and discuss modern solutions for sustainable urban development.

“We want to bring together the owners of today’s challenges – i.e. cities – and those who can provide the solutions: i.e. private-sector companies,” says Hermerén.

The private-sector businesses will be represented by individuals with extensive experience in the field of sustainable development. The cities involved are Uppsala in Sweden and Vaasa in Finland. And from India a representative from the Confederation of Indian Industry, CII will present the challenges meeting Smart City Development in India.

“We will be told about the sustainability strategies and modernisation processes of these cities, as well as the challenges they are facing with regard to investing in future sustainable development.”

In relation to the cities’ challenges, the business representatives taking part will be able to describe the various ways in which they have helped customers make investments, outlining for example the “best” business models.

“Discussions will also cover the way national policy and the EU, as a regulator and financer, can help to accelerate transition by providing the right conditions for it,” says Hermerén.

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