Published 4 October 2016 Contact: Björn Widlert

Teknikföretagen (The Association of Swedish Engineering Industries) is an employers’ organisation, and a force for innovation. We are present throughout Sweden and assist 3,900 engineering companies in labour law and industry issues, enabling them to focus on developing world-class goods and services. Engineering companies shape the future – and we help them to succeed.

Teknikföretagen has more than 3,900 companies under its wing. Some of them have thousands of employees, most far fewer. Some sell advanced technological services, others produce components. Biotechnology, telecommunications, new materials – the sectors are many.

Teknikföretagen’s mission is to strengthen the competitiveness of all member companies – large and small. We are in close proximity to everyday activities via our regional offices, supplying advice and support as an extension of a company’s HR function. We influence and monitor decisions on labour law, environment, training and research in Stockholm and Brussels, and we work to encourage more young people to become engineers.

Teknikföretagen contributes to strengthening the competitiveness of our members by influencing current and future events. With our help, our members can develop new ideas to enable the Swedish economy to grow in a sustainable fashion and make the world a slightly better place.