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“Say what? Teknikföretagen? What can they do for me?”

Quite a lot in fact, if, in addition to being a businessperson, you are also an HR expert, corporate lawyer, labour law lawyer and pension expert…

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Join Teknikföretagen (the Association of Swedish Engineering Industries)

Free advice on employer issues

Whether it is a simple everyday question or a complicated dispute, Teknikföretagen is ready to advise you – through its regional member service and hotline open daily. To put it simply, you get support from Sweden’s foremost labour law experts.

Cost-effective pension and insurance solutions

Pensions and insurance are crucial for attracting and retaining skilled employees. Our collective bargaining solutions are comprehensive and cost-effective.

Help with the rapid processing of work permits

Maintaining a level of expertise is a growing problem for entrepreneurs, and it can take up to a year to hire non-EU citizens. Teknikföretagen can arrange work permits in ten days.

Help with advocating important business policy issues

We lobby and shape public opinion in Sweden and the EU to safeguard the interests of our members. We give you an opportunity to influence decisions that you, as an individual company, usually only get to feel the consequences of.
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