Sweden is dependent on its exports and lies far from many of its important markets. Large and small technology companies operate throughout the country. In many locations, they are an important employer.

 If these companies are to grow, compete and export, an efficient infrastructure is a necessity. This means airports, seaports, roads and railways for goods and passenger transport, as well as an efficient public transport system. Teknikföretagen wants a transport system that has the capacity to accommodate industry’s growing demand for transport.

Teknikföretagen is striving to bring about a holistic approach to transport policy. The demand for transport must be met through investment in infrastructure, and Teknikföretagen wants the Swedish state to invest in society’s infrastructure. Transport demands must be met through investment in roads and railways. Such investment should take account of the opportunities afforded by new technology, including more efficient vehicles, signalling systems and electric vehicles. These areas of technology may in the long term expand the capacity of the existing transport system.

Our member companies’ needs form the starting point for our work in this area. Our members’ views form the basis of Teknikföretagen’s dialogue with politicians and the relevant government agencies.