If Swedish industry is to maintain its global competitiveness, goods and services have to be produced in a smarter and more sustainable way, and must take full advantage of the opportunities offered by digitisation.

 Against that backdrop, Teknikföretagen strives to stimulate innovation and technological developments in production. We lead the Produktion 2030 strategic innovation programme, which is investing in innovation and technology and skills development for sustainable production in Sweden. It is important that this type of programme secures long-term funding.

If new production technology is to be accessible to small and large enterprises alike, the state needs to support the demonstration and testing of this technology. We want the state to invest more in research, innovation and training to support the development of advanced and sustainable production in Sweden. Possible areas for consideration include industrial applications of additive manufacturing, and 5G technology. We also take the view that the Swedish state must invest in areas such as digitisation, production and service development to help boost the competitiveness of small manufacturing enterprises. Small manufacturing businesses create jobs and are important suppliers of components and technological solutions to companies in Sweden and around the world.

Teknikföretagen’s reference group for production collects data on industry’s needs and contributes to the formulation of Teknikföretagen’s policy and strategies in the area of production. We participate in the EU research and development programmes that relate to industrial research and development. We also collaborate with the IF Metall trade union in developing and increasing knowledge of production technology, work organisation and leadership in businesses.