Teknikföretagen focuses on the environmental issues that can have an impact on getting products to market. We work with our members companies to lay the groundwork for addressing these issues and play an active role in Orgalime, the European Engineering Industries Association. We maintain regular dialogue with Swedish government agencies and politicians, as well as with decision-makers in Brussels.

Sweden’s engineering companies are leaders in the provision of sustainable products and services, and in resource-efficient production. These include traditional products that gradually acquire better environmental performance characteristics, such as HGVs, and environmental technology such as water and air purification. Sweden is also regarded as having high-level systems knowledge in the likes of sustainable urban environments. With increased international cooperation to address demanding environmental requirements and environmental issues, Swedish expertise can become a global opportunity.

In Sweden, a high proportion of products are used and scrapped in markets other than those where they have been designed and manufactured; this presents both a challenge and an opportunity for recycling. Incentives and policy instruments must be based on, and benefit from, globalisation and free trade. Teknikföretagen wants government agencies to draw up clearly-formulated procedures for developing product requirements regarding recycling, eco-design and the use of chemical products. New requirements must allow scope for innovation and technological development. This means that dialogue must take place early and in a structured and open way with the companies concerned.