International trade

Swedish engineering companies account for just under half of Sweden’s exports of goods. In addition, around a third of our exports of services are directly linked to exports of goods by industry. Our goal is that more businesses should export more. That will generate growth and create jobs in Sweden.

To that end, Teknikföretagen’s objective is to pave the way for Swedish exports of technology, and to operate in such a way as to promote exports on the terms of the exporting companies. The state’s export promotion activities need to be coordinated, streamlined and focused, so we want to create an effective export promotion system. Our task is to help put Sweden’s export strategy into practice and achieve results, and to maintain a balanced support structure without weaknesses.

To achieve these goals, we put forward the views of our member companies, presenting proposals and approaches to the government and public sector operators. We also engage in lobbying on strategically-important trade issues in the European and international arenas.