ICT and services

Information and communication technology (ICT), has made digitisation possible and the sector is expected to keep developing quickly. If the industry is to be able to continue leading and developing in Sweden, focused initiatives in training, research and innovation in information and communication technology will be needed.

New goods and services are becoming more and more sophisticated and their ICT content is growing all the time. This means that the state has to invest more in R&D in systems technology, micro- and nano-electronics, and software and communication, which are the  building blocks of ICT. This will provide Sweden and Swedish businesses with a supply of world-leading skills and research, increasing their attractiveness and competitiveness.

We want industry research institutions to become better resourced in ICT. These institutions form an important bridge between academic research and, most importantly, small enterprises’ need for better products and production processes. Today, the industry research institutions in ICT are too small, and small enterprises invest too little in research and development to be able to maintain and grow their competitiveness in the long term.