Research and innovation

Published 30 September 2016 Last updated 16 January 2017 Contact: Peter Johansson

Engineering companies in Sweden account for a major share of the country’s investment in research and development. Together, they provide a greater share of research finance than the Swedish state.

This is because many big multinational engineering enterprises have their R&D operations based in Sweden. However, these enterprises’ investment in R&D in Sweden has been declining.

Against that background, Teknikföretagen wants more state investment in need-driven research and development that may create innovation and benefit to society. When businesses, academia and institutions join forces in research, the results become more relevant to industry and can generate innovation, exports and new jobs. This, in turn, creates conditions that encourage enterprises to base R&D investment and operations in Sweden.

We bring trade unions and employers’ organisations serving industry together to stand behind joint research and innovation policy proposals. We are also operating a strategic innovation programme in production, Produktion 2030. The programme is jointly run by institutions and academia. It distributes around SEK 45 million a year to industry-related innovation, research and training in Sweden.